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Miss Sheri Darling of Orange County and Los Angeles
I'm a Dominant Player, Skilled Sadist & Kinky Fetishist. I tease & torment kinky perverts in Orange County, Los Angeles & wherever I may be traveling, so keep up. I enjoy playing with submissives and fetishists of all kinds, but sessions dont have to be about Domination and submission, we can have a fun escape into a fetish fantasy playtime that you will never forget. All sessions are held in a fully equipped play space, complete with all the right tools to tease and/or torment you. Politely request time with Me via My website.
Miss Sheri Darling | Blog | @Twitter
Mistress Darcy of New York and London
One of the top young Dommes in the industry, I am an elegant 28-year-old sexually dominant alpha female. I have a postgraduate degree in the arts and a lifetime of practice in the art of controlling men. Equal parts cruel and captivating, my reputation worldwide rests on a commitment to power exchange—meaning I am "the real deal." Whereas some others play at being the beautiful dominant, I AM. As all of my owned and collared slaves will attest: I want nothing less than to change your life.
Mistress Darcy
Mistress Chase of San Diego
Experienced, Sensual, Sadistic Domme, equipped to take you out of your vanilla world into my Decadent & Lush entangled web. I enjoy a variety of BDSM play. Check out my activities page on my website for further information.
Mistress Chase | @Twitter
Miss Christina of Boston
Hi, I'm Christina! I like to wear shiny pantyhose and restrain submissive boys. :) I can make you helpless with everything from rope and tape to fiberglass and pantyhose. Once you're stuck, I can be mean and bossy, or gentle and teasing. So if you're a subbie little boy, come visit!
Christina's Restraint Service | @Twitter
Mistress Christina of Leeds, AL
I am a dominatrix who offers sessions to servants, slaves and worshippers. I offer online, email, cam and in-person. I am available 24/7. I teach them to be true to themselves. I am in need of servants, slaves and worshippers. Mistress of sweetness and pain. I'm to be worshipped and served as a princess.
Pandemos Profile | Mistress Christina
Nurse D'Vita of San Diego and West LA
Highly educated and experienced in the art of control. My beauty is dark and mysterious & will leave you powerless. I enjoy most aspects of BDSM as an Alpha Female. My real passion is for the methodical and conscientious takeover of your mind. My porcelain skin, piercing hazel green eyes and mesmerizing frame will bring you to your knees. My immutable confidence will send you away with the feeling that you have FINALLY met a superior female! If you fall into the non-submissive or "fetishist" category please advise ME of this before the session.
Pandemos Profile | Nurse D'Vita
Dame Dellamorte of Los Angeles (Culver City/Downtown)
I've been a lifestyle kinkster for over 10 years, and now I'm branching out to the professional world. I'm quirky, playful, and have a very sadistic streak that must imperatively be unleashed. Can you handle it? I enjoy watching you squirm in discomfort and laugh at your pain and humiliation. I am very bossy and can be quite demanding, but I can also be rather sensual. There is nothing I enjoy more than the admiration of a doting submissive. I have the most beautiful size 9, Roman toed feet that always need to be pampered.
Dame Dellamorte
Miss Diva Devor of City of Orange
I am an exquisite, experienced, Dominant woman who exudes confidence, strength and radiant beauty. I am a natural born leader and a very creative individual who loves to shock and surprise.I am classy, charismatic, unrestrained, hypnotic, wild, unpredictable, demanding and highly Divant Mistress.
Miss Diva Devor
Maitresse Dominella of Vaucluse
Dominatrice haut-de-gamme, scénarios sur mesure. Elégance du geste, violence du verbe, cérébralité, lentes saccades au creux de vos reins, exquis tourments, intenses humiliations, plaisirs subversifs, délicieuses brûlures, morsure des fouets, griffures d'un talon aiguille, flux chaud jailli d'une source intime.
Maitresse Dominella | Maitresse Dominella
Mistress Electra of London
I am a professional London Dominatrix and have been for the last few years. Unlike most Dommes I am in my early 20 s and provide the allure, mysticism and beauty most Dommes are unable to. There are no safe words in my sessions. Life provides you with safety nets everywhere you go, family, police, the government, your friends. In my dungeon you are my slave, you submit to my desires and God Herself cannot help you.
Pandemos Profile | Mistress Electra | @Twitter
Goddess Enid of New Orleans
My name is Goddess Enid, New Orleans newest addition to the leather community. I am 22 years old, and have identified as a Dominant Woman for 5 years. I have worked as a full blown professional for 1 year. Every day I am learning new things about my BDSM style, exploring every aspect that I can as a Professional Dominant. I would describe myself as a sensual Goddess with a heavy sadistic streak. The scenes I enjoy most are emotional, dynamic, power exchange with a touch of corporal punishment.
Pandemos Profile | Goddess Enid
Lady Erisiana Cherie of Tampa Bay
Ever dreamed of being under the control of a dominant Lady who truly LOVES what she does? Come visit my discreet St. Petersburg studio for some creatively kinky fun! You'll be entranced by my intelligent and playfully sadistic style of feminine domination as I use my intimate understanding of your submissive psyche to control you for our mutual pleasure. Because it IS your pleasure to submit to me, isn't it my lovely?
Lady Erisiana Cherie | Slave Girl Sissy
Evelyn Milano of Raleigh
I'm a professional Domme as well as lifestyle. I offer sessions online (webcam, phone, clips/vids) as well as in person. I specialize in Financial Domination, Humiliation, Foot Worship, Ball Kicking and Sissification.
Evelyn Milano | @Twitter
Lady Feline of Atlanta
I am a petite power house and I can and I will bring you to your knees! Don't be fooled by my beauty or my poise, I'm all power! My style is varied, I love a wide variety of scenes including the following: Spanking, Cropping, Bondage, Flogging, Forced fem, Puppy play, Clothes pins, Cbt + more.
Lady Feline's Lair
The Fetish Frenzy of El Paso
Welcome to the Fetish Frenzy - Pro-Doms, Submissives, in the El Paso, Tx area - Sessions may include BD/SM - CBT, NT, Corporal, Predicament Bondage, Chasity, Sissy Transformation - Training, other roleplay, other feel free to inquire if not listed, also visit our website. IF YOU CHOOSE (your option), your session may also be filmed and or photos taken. Fully equipped play space. Please fill out our interests form first, then one of our staff will message you back for arrangements.
The Fetish Frenzy
Mistress Genesis of Phoenix (Tempe)
Discreetly enjoy domination, showers, humiliation, bondage table, rope, CP/flogging/paddles, CD/sissification, sensory deprivation, roleplay, FEET and most other fetishes. Busty brunette with curves and very elegant, beautiful slender ankles and feet, and amazingly dexterous toes.
Mistress Genesis
Mistress Golden of Newport
I am a beautiful and sensual International Mistress who often travels to and from Wales and Italy. Sensual and Strong. I have discovered that I have a natural talent, which has been carefully nurtured. And when beauty and power are combined there can be only one outcome. "Your Submission to me". Ask yourself if you are good enough for me, perhaps you will be. I will soon know. If so then visit me at my wonderful chambers where you can live out your fantasy and take away a memory that will last you a life time. I am sure you will return. Subm...
Mistress Golden
Mistress Gwen Freestorm of Duluth
I am Mistress Gwen, a leather/fetish Goddess who will seductively lure you to that magical place known as sub space. I will intricately disassemble each of your darkest dreams, creating my own special form of art and leaving you remembering your experiences and craving my velvety voice to command your destiny.
Mistress Gwen Freestorm
Mistress Honeyblue of Birmingham
Do you ever feel frustrated and know that you need to be taken to task? If so then I can help you. I will lovingly discipline you, but will never judge you. I may be just what you have needed for a long time. I am a new Dominatrix operating from fully equipped chambers close to the centre of Birmingham.
Mistress Honeyblue
Mistress Hope of Los Angeles TRANSGENDER
I'm Hope, an exotic Mexican and Native American Transsexual. I'm an independent, free spirited person who enjoys spontaneity and finds true joy in exposing and sharing my erotic life. My passion for fetish and fantasy fulfillment is driven by my own kinky desires. So, it's likely that my own perverted ambitions include your area of interest, whether it's about role playing, fetishes, domination or a scene based on our collaboration, I will guide you in exploring your deepest fantasies, Im always discreet. I'm over 21 years of age.
Pandemos Profile
Impala Tantrika of New York (Manhattan)
I am tall, blonde, trim, and dominant female trained in Tantric Arts. Specializing in integrative torture of the body, mind and soul. Come and be healed. A wild ride within your limits of sensuaity, pain, ecstasy, and mind bending. This is a healing and sacred art. Let's sacrifice ourselves to the Highest... before its too late.
Pandemos Profile | Impala Tantrika
Mistress Ingrid Frost of London
I'm a harsh and over sensual Domme giving SM Sessions for all levels. From soft erotica to hard and to extreme hard without any limits! I'm a real hardcore sadist! If you crave to be used hard, crawl to me!
Ingrid Frost
Mistress IQ of Darlington (Scotch Corner)
I am Mistress IQ; an intelligent, well educated, classy lady with a wicked sense of humour and an even more wicked approach to domination! I am a true professional, and have an intense passion for what I do. I began to flourish in the BDSM lifestyle 10 years ago, and this, along with 3 years  experience as a Professional Dominatrix, ensures you can have 100% confidence in my abilities.
Mistress IQ
Mistress Isadora of Philadelphia (Center City)
Like a Siren I lure men into my realm using my exquisite beauty, superior intellect, and devious mind. I then take control using your darkest erotic fantasies against you. You will surrender yourself to my perverse desires. I possess you, body and psyche. You will continuously beg me to push your limits for my sadistic pleasure. I enjoy inflicting not only physical but mental anguish. My wicked smile will haunt your waking dreams.
Mistress Isadora | @Twitter
Domina Jana of Berlin
Leidenschaftliche Domina and klinikerin. Seit vielen Jahren ist es meine Berufung dir bitter Süße Lektionen zu erteilen Erfahrung trägt ihren Namen!!! Ich sprenge Eure bizarren Phantasien und Lüste. Ein muss für jeden SM Liebhaber!!!
Pandemos Profile | Lady Jana

Mistress Josie of New York
I am a blonde 24 year old naturally dominant woman. Turning men into my playthings to humiliate, manipulate, torture, degrade and enslave is my forte. Don't let my girl-next-door demeanor fool you. I will only use that to my advantage to manipulate and control you. I am seeking those willing to exist for my pleasure to build genuine connections with
Mistress Josie

Domina Kathryn of Orlando
The Domina Kathryn offers Elegant Domination ~ Exquisite Torment ~ Empathetic Sadism!  She is a Strict Disciplinarian and Fetish / Role Play Guide in the World of Domestic Domination! She is a sensual mature woman who lives for Adult Baby Play, Key Holding/Chastity Control, and putting naughty boys over her lap to spank their bare bottoms VERY hard!
Pandemos Profile | The Domina Kathryn
Mistress Katia of Hamilton
At 'My Bitch Academy', I carry out slave trainings by exercising various elements of power control, using a wide range of BDSM and Fetish activities. With the administration of various forms of punishment and/or torture, whether it being psychological, verbal or physical; there also comes My nurturing side as I guide you through our dungeon session together. As your Mistress, you will worship and adore Me, always seeking ways of obtaining My approval and mercy.
Mistress Katia
Miss Katrina Kane of Margate
I have been a life style coach for the last twenty years so I have a vast array of experience to draw from. I am well educated and I am extensively traveled. I have always loved disciplining naughty boys; there is something deep inside me that just makes me glow inside smacking a bottom that is being offered up to me. Over time I have developed my skills in to helping my slaves become more obedient and polite. I have honed my skills with a whip, cane, paddle or a leash and a collar.
Katrina Kane
Mistress Kendra of Leeds
Mistress Kendra is a sensual and sadistic Dominatrix. Her fully equipped chambers are just 5 mins from the city centre and include a schoolroom, domestic, medical and dungeon. She receives the novice, worthy slaves and hot TVs for her dark erotic play. Her specialities are strap-on/anal, cp/spanking, forced fem and a Double-Domme spitroast you will never forget! Make no mistake - you will be punished!
Mistress Kendra
Goddess Keyona of Miami
Strikingly beautiful ebony domme based in Miami, FL. I'm a professional domme that offers real time sessions in South Florida for respectful submissive men who wish to experience serving me underneath my heels. My services include feminization, discipline,foot worship, chasity training and much more. Webcam and phone domination available as well.
Goddess Keyona | @Verified Call | @Twitter | @Clips4Sale | @Clipvia
Kountessa of Phoenix TRANSGENDER
I am a full time Transsexual Dominatrix. My style is sensual with a sadistic streak. I am very versatile and I believe that chemistry and the dynamic between the Mistress and slave is what dictates the direction of the session. I understand about keeping one s secret desires hidden, the need to set yourself free. I am your safe haven for expression and adventure.
Maitresse Kristian Montparnasse of South Florida
I am a world-class, highly experienced, strikingly beautiful, and highly intelligent Domme. Here you will not find the "classic" nor typical Dominatrix, I do not take well to conformity. I am everything I claim to be - and beyond. True dominance is an embracing and accepting of Power, which is derived from emotional stability, reason and an adherence to truth and principle. These are My beliefs and this is what I live by. Because I have such a strong sense of Self, you will follow and I will Lead.
Pandemos Profile | Maitresse Kristian Montparnasse | Macht & Eigendom
Mistress Lauren of Orlando (Winter Park)
I am Mistress Lauren - I am a very sensual and playful domina with a sadistic sense of humor. Sessions can take place at My Winter Park home, your outcall location or My dungeon in Orlando. Session possibilities include (but are not in any way limited to) foot and body worship, enema play, prostate massage/toy play, spankings, floggings,HUMILIATION (LOVE IT), bondage, cbt, nt, adult baby, puppy play, sensation play, showers, trampling, public play, smoking fetish, sensory deprivation, and anything else you can dream up as I have few limits.
Mistress Lauren
Hey boys, I am Princess Lexi and I enjoy being dressed in diamonds and silk. I am your wildest fantasy. I enjoy cuckolds, sissies and cum eaters. I just love the way a boy will submit to me and tell me all his hidden secrets. You know, those ones that you are afraid of telling your friend or co-workers? It's okay, I wont tell anyone. This can be our little secret. As we explore all the possibilities don't feel shy, open up to a female with a little something extra for you to take and worship. You will wish we had met sooner.
Princess Lexi
Mistress Lowen of Detroit
Eloquent, educated, and vicious...Mistress Lowen is accepting subs, slaves, and sissys for Her exclusive entertainment.
Mistress Lowen
Goddess Lycia
Hypnodomme, Humiliatrix, Fetish Queen: Goddess Lycia. Femdom and erotic hypnosis telephone sessions through NiteFlirt and TalkSugar, and a huge library of erotic fetish clips and mp3s.
Lipstick Domme | Goddess Lycia Humiliation | @Twitter | @YouTube
Princess Lynne of Baltimore
I'm Princess Lynne, a true lifestyle Mistress in Baltimore, Maryland. I can be sadistic and cruel. I do love to torture my slaves. I also adore dressing up my little sissy slaves and teaching them to properly serve me.
Dragon Ladies Limited
Princess Madeira of Providence
I am a stunning pale skinned, raven haired goddess skilled in the arts of pleasure and pain here to show you your place. I'm well versed in sissy training, sissy transformation, corporal, humiliation, bondage, hypnotic domination, puppy and pony play, and numerous other exquisite forms of delicious torture. I'll break down your body from the outside with my crop and control you from the inside with hypnosis. I also love being spoiled by boys because at heart I will always be a bratty princess. Email me if you dare to serve.
Princess Madeira Darling | Miss Madeira Darling
Mistress Magdalyn of Bozeman
I am quite dominant though I will not yell, scream, insult your intelligence or physical shortcomings. I will, however, demand your complete and genuine obedience with perfect adherence to proper protocol! I will not accept anything less than your absolute submission and trust, which I takes quite seriously. "Mistress Magdalyn is a rare combination of intelligence, beauty and pure wickedness! From Her playful smile to Her skillful flogging, She had taken me to places I only ever dreamed about and She has masterfully kept me there."
Mistress Magdalyn | Forbidden Dungeon | @Mistress Review
Mistress Marcella Rose of West Los Angeles
Statuesque, Erudite, Sensual Domination and Disciplinarian Muse. Intuitive, creative, nurturing, yet strict and firm. I will have you at your proper place. I will  relish in transforming you into my perfect slave, slut, sissy girl or pet! Well mannered and polite submissives may apply for consideration of my attention.
Pandemos Profile | Mistress Marcella
Mistress Marilynn of Hamilton (North Central Downtown)
I'm Mistress Marilynn from Hamilton, Ontario. I am a mature Dominatrix, in my early 50's. I have a very good sense of humour with a relish for intelligent, stimulating conversation... and sober submissives in serious search of otk spankings and related corporal therapies. I also cater to cross dressing and make overs. I specialize in spankings, strappings and cannings. I have many things for the fetish hungry client. I have a beautiful, fully-equipped, air conditioned dungeon. Very clean and discreet and your safety is always a priority.
Pandemos Profile
Mistress Masterman of Blackpool
Strict attractive Domme offers cruelty, forced feminization, strap on play, roleplay, bondage, humiliation, spanking/flogging.
Mistress Masterman
The Matriarch of Atlanta
I am the Matriarch! A BBW ebony Dominatrix with a seductive style and power, to be served by worthy slaves to explore their fantasies and fetishes. The location is discreet and quiet. I will keep it that way.
Pandemos Profile | Steel Heart Dungeons
Mistress May of North London
I have always had a passion for female supremacy and being a natural dominatrix my work gives me the chance to explore and enjoy on a even deeper level, many aspects of the world of BDSM. I have been described as a sophisticated and immaculate woman, who uses youthful charisma to seduce my slaves into undivided submissive states. My feet, in particular, are perfectly manicured and are waiting to get the massaging and worshiping they deserve. Both my beauty and my mind will be the bait to your obedience.
Mistress May
Miss Mei Wu of San Francisco
Indulge your senses. Submit yourself to me. I am feminine with a cheery disposition. I am authoritative with a powerful demeanor. I am sensual with a lascivious gleam. I am sadistic with a wicked bite. I will torture your body with pain, tease you with pleasure, fill your mind with lust, and compel you to do my bidding. I will artfully lead you through a dance of pleasure and pain. You will ache for my attention as a sensual goddess while craving the sensations I bring to your body as a sadistic mistress.
Miss Mei Wu
Mistress Mia of North-East Oklahoma
I'm a Domme, Foot Fetish Model, and active member of the Femdom community. I consider Myself not only a Dominatrix & Sadist, but a dominant force to be reckoned with. I'm here to be WORSHIPPED! I seek submissives to do My bidding, and give ME what I demand (without all the stupid slutty whining), and for them to bask in the glory of the 6'3" "GLAMAZON" that is Moi. The gamut of fetishes I cover are far beyond what you ever imagined.
Pandemos Profile | Blog
Mz Mina of Las Vegas
Las Vegas Exotic Mistress Specializing in a variety of BDSM play ranging from the sensual to the sadistic.... I have over 15 yrs experience in Fetish play, beginning as a submissive for 5 years and learning My way up to the PowerfulMistress I am now... Learning this way has given Me the ability to properly play with the submissive mind ensuring "Safe and Sane Play" at all times... I enjoy many forms of play (see website for details) as well as not enjoy certain forms of play(see website) BE RESPECTFUL!! Serious inquiries will be considered...
Mz Mina
Madame Mina De Sade-Fatale of Los Angeles
Experienced French & Black Domina who is a multi-level player & Fetishist... I enjoy players of all levels, and only those who are experienced in, or curious about, My interests. Rubber and Latex,Corporal Punishment - From light to heavy,sensual to sadistic. Role-Play - Interrogation, Forced Feminization & beyond, Rope Bondage - Predicament, inescapable, cbt, Slave training, Medical play, Foot/Leg/Boot worship, Smothering.
Pandemos Profile | Rubber Nemesis | @Clips4sale | @Twitter | @Sanctuary LAX | @Niteflirt

Miss Miranda Pain of Sydney
Sexy Sassy Domme! Always seeking to add a new sub to my collection, but can you impress me? Sissy boys, pain sluts, pay piggy's & foot slaves I love them all! Tantalisingly Addictive! Once Under My Spell, There's No Escape!
Miss Miranda Pain | @Twitter | @FinDoms

Modern Empress of London (Bloomsbury/West End)
Uniquely cold, cruel and erudite - humiliation from a posh girl doesn't come nastier than this. I don't belive in the tacky theatrics of domination, I like to manipulate men in an entirely different way. I am beautiful, educated, late-twenties, leggy, 5ft 8, exotic looks, size 12 with 36D breasts. I dress smartly and have a vast array of oufits to play with. I am a foot model and adore having my feet worshipped, as well as specialising in humiliation, bondage and CP. Come and serve me at my immaculate Central London pied a terre.
Modern Empress
Mistress Morana of London (North-West)
Mistress Morana is an extremely fierce professional Dominatrix and a true Fetishist. HER sessions are taking place in well-equipped London dungeon, in NW 10 area.  However if you are too frightful to surrender to HER powers in the dungeon, SHE will make an exclusion and dive into your space with HER divine presence. SHE also travels around Europe for HER fetish sessions and even for fetish holidays.
Mistress Morana | @Twitter | @Facebook | @Mistresses London
Miss Myers of London (Islington)
An audience with Miss Myers is an encounter of a very special kind. Her diverse and honed skills; Her chilling attention to detail; Her wicked sense of humour; Her subtle cruelties; Her soft, cultured voice. All this and more combines to ensure that a visit to Miss Myers shall make an impact upon you in more ways than one.
The House of Myers
Mistress Natalie West of Los Angeles
Mistress Natalie West is a beautiful Lesbian Dominatrix who only receives pleasure from male subjects when they are at Her feet in humble service, or on the floor, begging for mercy, where they belong. Particular interests include humiliation, foot worship, rope bondage, feminization/sissies, tease and denial, and corporal punishment.
Mistress Natalie West
Goddess Natasha of Fort Lauderdale
I am called GODDESS because I have always lived a lifestyle of FEMALE SUPERIORITY. I have observed that in truth men are lowly, inferior creatures who are interested only in whatever means they can find to satisfy their need to unload the jizz from their balls. I believe this masculine sexual need should be exploited by Women. It is their single minded, insatiable need to satisfy their cocks that makes men inferior and vulnerable to Domination by a Superior Woman.
Pandemos Profile | Worship Natasha | @Niteflirt
Goddess Nemesis of Western MA
Massachusetts Mistress, A Dominatrix of the highest caliber and "Hangwoman".
Pandemos Profile | Goddess Nemesis | @Fetlife | Fetlife Group
Goddess Nirvana of Fairfield
All American with European roots. Come take a walk on the wildside and explore your other side. Creative role play, foot fetish, boot worship, crossdressing and humiliation await you. I've been out of the scene for a few years and am now getting back into it. I'm professional, respectable and discreet and you should be too.
Pandemos Profile
Maitresse Noblesse of Brussels
Appointments and consultations available in 2013. I offer a special escort service for slaves in Luxembourg and Belgium, with lots of mobile, state of the art equipment and toys in my luggage. Bisexual young men and women available for sessions. Male, female, couple, gay, lesbian, heero and transgender all welcome. I am passionate about breaking down your bondaries in luxury locations and BDSM studios. Also available weekends.
Maitresse Noblesse
Domina Papillon near Bar Harbor
Experienced! Skilled, intuitive. respectful. discrete. Mine is one of the finer privately owned dungeons in the Northeast. Total immersion possible. SSiC. 2 hours to 4 days. Positive connection and a quality experience is my goal for our visit. your challenge is to be able to do what is necessary to visit. I demand sincerity & unqualified devotion while in my presence. Travel includes visiting excellent facilities and other top fetish friends in Massachusetts, Florida, Costa Rica, California, Hawaii. Care to invite Me to your haven? AEPP
The Maine Retreat
Mistress Patti of Orlando
I'm Mistress Patti of Orlando, FL. I'm an experienced Pro Domme, 5'4" and 130 lbs, with piercing green eyes, and long dark hair. I've been involved in the BDSM lifestyle and community for over 12 years. I think you'll find Me to be a different type of Pro Mistress, as I truly care about all My boys. I am sensual, creative, caring, and honest. To learn more about Me, My interests; the different sessions I offer, and see photos of Me; check out My website.
Mistress Patti
Pavlovia Denver
Pavlovia is Denver's premier house of domination. We're dedicated to providing a quality experience for the submissive, fetishist, bottom, switch, dominant or couple. With many Pro Dommes to choose from you are sure to find exactly what you need.
Pavlovia Denver
Goddess Phoenix of Atlanta
You need the control. You need the discipline. You need to worship. The constant handling of other's problems and ineptitudes is draining the life out of you. You need to escape - to leave your world just for a while. Enter my realm and everything else disappears. Here, you are under my control now. Your fantasy, your nightmare, your Goddess!
Goddess Phoenix
Mistress Provaz of Chicago TRANSGENDER
I'm sensually Dominant TS I am most turned on by arousing a partner and keeping him on edge. Our experience together will have nothing to do with loud, harsh communication. I seek a person who knows what he/she wants and goes looking for it without fear. What fantasy or experience do you want to explore together?
Mistress Provaz
Lady Rapture of Vancouver
Lady Rapture - Vancouver's deviant dominatrix located in the heart of the city. Fully equipped to make your fantasy a reality, I am a boudoir philosopher and you'll experience complete liberation.
Lady Rapture
Mistress Reese Dragostea of Philadelphia
Mistress Reese Dragostea- Tall, lovely and with the wicked mind to make every session better then the last! Interested in all types of fetish and BDSM, sessions with Her can be sensual and mild or harsh and punishing... Come and worship at Her feet and find out what it's like to serve Her yourself!
Mistress Reese Dragostea | @The Philly Dominas
Domina Rei of South New Jersey
I am a Lifestyle Domina who genuinely enjoys the sensual side of Dominance. If you have a secret fantasy don't hesitate to tell me. I will help you delve into your most wildest kinks. My interests include: Foot Fetish / Legs / Heels / Stocking Play, Erotic hypnosis, tease and denial and much more.
Mistress Rei
Mistress Rose of New York (Upper East Side)
I am Mistress Rose, an experienced FemDom that wishes for you to come and serve me. I look forward to having submissives completely engaged in the scene and fall to their knees in admiration and gratitude of their Mistress' attention placed upon them. I am a Strict but Attentive Mistress.. I enjoy pushing your limits and sharing the experience. If you are ready to Obey..to Me and I will let you serve.. The True Fetishist will appreciate My Leather, Latex, Stilettos, Boots, Toys, Corsets, Stockings, Whips, Ropes, Cellophane, and Superiority.
Mistress Rose
The Mistress Sadie of Cardiff
Sadistic, Alluring, Demanding, Intense, Exciting! I am - The Mistress Sadie Cardiff's ONLY Resident BBW Pro Domme! Exclusive to Cardiff I do NOT Tour! I can be found at My Private Premises in the west of Cardiff. I have a penchant for the subs/slaves/sissies of this world who have the desire to serve and worship a REAL Mistress! I offer Lifestyle Training, Ownership and Collaring for those that desire a long term commitment to their Mistress.
The Mistress Sadie
Miss Sarah Jessica of Glasgow (City Centre)
I am Miss Sarah Jessica, an elite professional Dominatrix and lifestyle Mistress that invites you to serve obediently and fulfill your ultimate darkest fantasies. I hold session in a dungeon or lifestyle domestic setting in Scotland or Berkshire. I am a complete sadist emotionally and physically, nothing gives Me greater pleasure than humiliating, using and tormenting submissives.
Miss Sarah Jessica
Mistress Selena of Los Angeles and Portland
Powerful, intuitive, skilled, and beautiful.
@The Dominion | Mistress Selena
Ms Servalan of Sydney
A world-renowned Dominatrix based in Sydney, Australia, Mistress Servalan combines classic fetish glamour looks with intelligence, cruelty, compassion and most of all an impeccable range of skills gained from over 10 years in the BDSM scene both personally and professionally.
Pandemos Profile | Mistress Servalan On Tour | Mistress Servalan | @Twitter | @Fetlife
Mistress Sharina Nicole of Minneapolis
The Femme Fatale of Worldly Fantasies, I am the captivating Mistress Sharina Nicole, leading you into an excursion to the erotic side of Domination, submission and FETISH! Indulge in the Art of Fetishism in My private 2400 Sq Ft, fully equipped dungeon. A nurturing sadist with playful qualities...
Sharina Nicole | Mistress Sharina
Princess Sierra
The Legendary Princess Sierra!  The Original Mastermind of Financial Domination.  Princess uses men for Her personal gain and pleasure.
Princess Sierra | Blog | @Twitter
Baroness Domina Silver of Hampton Roads
Fetish and fantasy explored with a knowledgeable guide ensures fulfillment. The BDSM lifestyle is built on trust whether it is  a periodic play session ,or you desire  collared 24/7 LTR, Baroness Domina Silver provides an opportunity for you to flex your submissive muscles safely find out the truth about you in a safe, sane, and consensual  way. At  the Strong Hold Chalet you will serve and explore in real time  live the dream . Under the Baroness Moon you can find and will find  your purpose. Dominately yours. Baroness Domina Silver.
The Strong Hold Chalet | Blog | Collar Consideration Academy
Goddess Siren of London
My name is Goddess Siren. I am a beautiful, highly educated, well spoken, strong black london mistress who loves sensual domination and slave correction.
Goddess Siren
Mistress Suzzie of Southampton
I am a Professional Miistress, based in the Southampton area. Once you have had a session with ME you will be begging for more. I am cruel but kind.
Mistress Suzzie
Mistress Tatiana of Miama
Russian-born mistress with an accent that defies disobedience. I am your proverbal gorgeous, sexy, young but cruel Goddess of Clips4Sale fame. Visit me on my website before you ask politely and respectfully for a session.
Mistress Tatiana
Goddess Tiffany of Visalia
I'm Goddess Tiffany, a powerful and seductive ebony dominatrix that controls your mind, body, and soul. My exotic beauty is what pulls you in and keeps you running back... I am incredibly ADDICTIVE! Aside from being a drop dead gorgeous, mixed Goddess, at only 24 years old, I'm an expert in humiliation, degradation, and financial domination.
Pandemos Profile| Goddess Tiffany | @Clips4Sale | @Clipvia | @Niteflirt | @YooGirls
Mistress Tsuki of Cheltenham
Mistress Tsuki is a dark, beautiful and sadistic Professional Dominatrix. She offers BDSM and fetish sessions in Gloucestershire and distance training worldwide; specialising in Domination, Discipline, Humiliation, Bondage and Restraint, Corporal Punishment, Cross Dressing and Forced Feminisation, Boot and Foot Worship, Sissy and Maid Training.
Pandemos Profile | Mistress Tsuki | @Twitter
Domina V of London
My knowledge and experience of BDSM has been considerably expanded by my own personal lifestyle as well as my travels. My skills help to reveal the innermost desires whether it is a nervous novice or an experience submissive before me. Do you deem yourself worthy of my attention? I have the ability to be able to bring my own special touch to each session. I specialise in Forced feminization, Cross-dressing, Slut training, caning & Strap-on... My vast and expansive repertoire also includes cbt, erotic teasing, discipline, humiliation, role-pl...
Pandemos Profile | Domina V | Blog | Fluffy Boudoir
Domina Vanessa Blue of Los Angeles
I am Domina Vanessa Blue. A Beautiful, Mature, Confident Ebony Goddess with many years of experience as a Dominant, Fetish Enthusiast, Adult Film Star & Producer. If you know who I am then you know only know part of what I am capable of. I understand human sexuality in it's rawest forms and I understand you. I am an artist, my whip is the brush and you are my canvas. I enjoy moments of Corporal control, Strapping Adoration, Feminization and Financial Draining. You will enjoy anything that pleases me.
Domina X | Vanessa Blue | FemdomX | @Twitter | Clips
Captain Vanity of Columbia, Aiken and Beach Island
Captain Vanity is an experienced ebony busty dominatrix who specializes in real time training and guidance for eager submissives. Kinks of interest include: strap on play, sissy makeovers, trampling, foot worship, objectification, bondage, and corporal punishment.
Pandemos Profile | Captain Vanity
Ms Vanity Sin of Las Vegas
I am Mistress Vanity Sin, specializing in making your dreams and fetishes come to life the way you have alwyas desired! I cater to upscale individuals, couples and females who are seeking to enjoy the ULTIMATE in fetish and lifestyle adventure. I enjoy and offer a variety of fetishes and very open to exploration and expanding your horizons, if, you feel mischievous. I have accumulated over 10 yrs of experience in the lifestyle and familiar with most arts and discipline forms.
Pandemos Profile | Ms Vanity Sin
Madame Vava of Springfield
Whether you are my sub/slave/friend there are certain expectations I have of those I allow in my life. Honesty, loyalty, intelligence, a sense of humor, integrity and a love of fun are what will get you into my good graces. I am not particularly cruel but I do enjoy inflicting pain mixed with a bit of sensuality. I wish you to be anxious and uneasy wondering what will happen next. I thrive on eliciting a mix of emotions from those I play with. Sessions are held in a fully equipped private studio in the Chicopee area.
Madame Vava
Ms Veronica Bastille of New York (Manhattan)
Strict. Sultry. Sadistic but Playful. I smile wider the more pain and torture you take, especially during CBT/NT and you struggle--tied down tight! On the other side of the kinky coin... I also welcome those who crave a safe place to transform and feminize. Outfitted in sexy vintage lingerie, I whisper my demands in your ear softly, then I  twist those clamps tighter or squeeze your full balls in a vice-like grip. Vicious and sexy tease and denial showing off my killer curves is one of my fave things in which to torture you.
Ms Veronica Bastille | @Twitter | @FetLife | @Clips4sale | @CollarMe
Domme Victoria of Dallas (DFW Metroplex)
Discreet exploration of the dark arts and fetishism with a refined, sensual, talented Domina. Highly experienced and versatile, I am a Goddess to be revered, a insatiable libertine, a striking beauty to behold. I delight in encounters involving most aspects of fetishism, BDSM, role-play fantasies, and Goddess worship. I particularly enjoy D/s power exchange, slave training, humiliation, fetish worship, forced feminization, hypnosis, financial domination, bondage, corporal punishment, and your utter devotion.
Pandemos Profile | Domme Victoria
Victoria Hunter of Orange County and Los Angeles
Italian/Dutch Mistress, 5 9 tall, busty, slender and toned. Size 10 feet, high arch, long toes. Independent, well established & highly regarded; A stellar pro-Domme. I specialize in getting into your head and staying there long after you have left. I deliver sessions with a level of sophistication and experience like no other. Do not confuse me with what else going on out there - I am the real deal: disciplinarian, role-play specialist, humiliatrix, fetish, BDSM and medical.
Pandemos Profile | The Clinic | @Twitter
Vinyl Queen of San Francisco (SOMA)
Vinyl Queen is a world-class Domina with over a decade of experience. Her fully-equipped studio is located convenient to the major hotels and transportation in San Francisco, CA. From hardcore SM to light fetish exploration, she will leave you breathless and begging for more!
Vinyl Queen | Vinyl Solution | @Twitter | @Clips4sale
Mistress Zahara of West Los Angeles
I'm a 28 years old Amazonian Mistress with a Carribean accent. I've been playing for years and moved to LA from San Antonio to get to a bigger scene. I specialize in sissy training and love worship. I also enjoying playing the Naughty Nurse by giving exotic enemas. I indulge in most play and fantasies. As a lifestyler, BDSM is my 24/7. Come to my private, cozy playspace and I'll take you for a walk on the wild side. You'll keep coming for more, I guarantee it!
@Eros Guide | @Facebook
Zahra Johnson of Nuremberg
Zahra Johnson Plays with you... yes, you! Unusual, bizarre and luxurious sessions for lovers of extravagant desires. Dominant lady, exceptional, sadistic, bizarre, perverted, nasty, deceitful, ungrateful, sexually obsessed, cool, fancy, moody, stubborn, exhibitionist, unreachable and yet so close, demanding without scruples, mysterious, wicked and yet very elegant, austere, unyielding... but also very, very nice!
Pandemos Profile | Zahra Johnson | Zahra Fetish Escort
Mistress Zella, North of Detroit
I am a professional, as well as lifestyle, Dominatrix. 5 6 , with a curvy, voluptuous figure. Very physically strong. Well-educated, exceptionally articulate, classy, imaginative, and especially inventive. Be assured that I am the most lovely Bitch Goddess you will ever have the pleasure and good fortune to look upon and be in the Presence of. I simply require the complete submissiveness and worship which is My due.
Mistress Zella
Mistress Aika of London (South Kensington)
I am Mistress Aika, a London, UK based Japanese Mistress. I was born in Tokyo and grew up there. I am the most stunning woman you can ever met both in daily life and fetish scene. I use my beauty to take control and to overpower my slaves. I love to keep you aroused with my exquisite body, kinky mind and sensual attitude. I am a seductive sadist strict with a sweet smile. My style and demeanour seductive to change from session to session, depending on our chemistry together.
Mistress Aika
Mistress Akume of Austin
I am the rare and radiant Mistress Akume, professional dominatrix, purveyor of perverse pleasure/pain, domination, and fetishistic fulfillment. Erotic, strict and sensual, I use my finely tuned sense of intuition combined with my wicked imagination to craft customized sessions of the highest caliber. From light and sweet, to unbelievably brutal, I enjoy all levels. I am well versed in a variety of bdsm activities, both physical and psychological. I mainly just enjoy having my way with you. What are you willing to endure in order to please me?
Mistress Akume | Blog
Mistress Aleksa of Sydney
Want to be dominated by a bitch with brains and beauty? You have found what you have been looking for then. I am young and experienced Fetish and BDSM professional,enjoying the whole spectrum of BDSM activities - from tie and tease to hardcore sessions. All slaves and submissives, or just kinky fetishists, who want to be controlled by dominant female, intelligent, beautiful, powerful and strict, but sensual at the same time blonde Mistress are welcome in my kinky world. Come and let's enjoy the journey together!
Mistress Aleksa
Mistress Alexa of London
Mistress Alexa, London Mistress, Visiting Mistress / Outcalls - Hotel sessions...
London Mistress
Mistress Alexa of San Diego and Los Angeles
I am the object of your desire. Wickedly beautiful, perverted and cruel. The perfect blend of sensual and sadistic. My play ranges from mild and playful to strict and intense. I specialize in cbt, corporal punishment, humiliation, sissy slut training, mind fuck, water sports, spanking, strap on worship, smothering, role play, fantasy and most fetishes. Now get on your knees and submit.
Mistress Alexa
Mistress Alexandria of South-East Connecticut
Mistress Alexandria provides a variety of BDSM, Fetish and Role Play scenes for consensual erotic power play. Corporal Punishment/Percussion Play, Cross Dressing, Feminization, Foot/Shoe Worship, Financial Domination, Sissy/Slave Training. Long distance sessions are available.
Mistress Alexandria
Mistress Alexi of Southampton (Central)
Domination is what I live for and I will always be in control at all times as I have always had a very domineering presence about me but with a slight twist as my Beauty will capture you as I am a sensual strict Mistress and I assure you once you walk through my door you will be quivering on your knees with anticipation.
Mistress Alexi
Mistress Amanda of Colorado Springs TRANSGENDER
Mistress Amanda: Hottest Australian Shemale Mistress and BDSM Guru. Lifestyle Dominant and Professional Dominatrix in Town.
Pandemos Profile | @Streamate
Mistress Amiko of New York (Manhattan)
I'm as playful as I am sadistic. I'm active in the BDSM scene both as a perpetual student as well as an educator focusing on creativity and connection. My independent professional sessions range from spiritual S/m to fun gender-bending to sensual bondage to immersive role play and beyond. I enjoy working with couples as well as all gender identities and sexual orientations. I am also novice-friendly. Please visit my website for more information.
Mistress Amiko
Mistress Amina of West Dublin
I am Mistress Amina, at 6ft2 in my heels I am definitely a formidable sight. I am a powerful, dominant women who loves to explore all areas of domination especially Lift and Carry and Wrestling. I will bind you, humiliate you, torture you and push all your boundaries! You will submit and you will adore every single second of it!
Essential Therapy
Mistress Angelina of Fairfax
Blond, Curvy, Green eyed 5'6 fierce but playful dominatrix who loves to humiliate, slave train, fetish, foot worship, tease, seduce, for your light or hard core desires. What is your preference? Come let me show you the way to desire. You will do as I say and I will have you in a state of mind where you have no control. I am in control and you are under my spell. The More I get to know you and your desires, the more we experience more each time, the pleasure pain each time we meet. You will arrive to find me in stilettos, knee hi boots.
Mistress Angelina
Princess April of Maidenhead
I'm a sadistic young British Domme available for domination sessions from my central Maidenhead location. I'm an alternative model with long flame red hair, piercing blue eyes and a 5'4" slim-but-curvy figure. Although young, I ve been heavily involved in BDSM for my whole adult life, and consider myself to be an experienced lifestyle Dominant and humiliatrix. I understand the psychological dimension to kink, and how deeply it can affect all aspects of your life if your needs go unfulfilled...
Princess April
Mistress Athena
Pericings, tats, fetishes, Ii do it all! Looking for an online slave and need a few guys for some online sessions. You can find me on Facebook also - look for my email mistressathena21 at aol. I'm looking for a financial slave!! Used panties, shoes and other stuff can be yours! Inbox me for more info. I do alot of online sessions, I do charge for them but trust me you will not forget me. I also love smoking sessions and feet sessions! Ii have tons of shoes and heels! NO CHEAP MEN!
Mistress Athena
Miss Audrie Sinclair of Columbus
Don't let my cutesy look fool you; I can be a real firecracker sometimes! I am a very energetic and fun person with a love for the "dark side"! I am brand new to Wicked Eden and to the professional BDSM lifestyle, but it was like coming home into a new family. I am somewhat shy sometimes, but I am learning a great deal about everything kinky and hope to be doing this for a loooooonnnggg time!
@Wicked Eden | @Clips4Sale | @KinkBomb | @Niteflirt
Mistress Ava of London
An experienced English dominatrix who is intelligent, sophisticated and highly articulate. I have the imagination, perception and understanding to expand your horizons, to develop your own fantasies to the limit and beyond and also to provide a touch of the unexpected. I have a genuine passion to dominate and completely control men.
Mistress Ava
Ava Zhang of Los Angeles
Miss Ava Zhang is a young Chinese Domina with an intimidating intellect, rapier wit, and devastating sense of cruel humor. Cerebral, commanding, and all the while charming, Miss Zhang enjoys putting men in their proper place. She will only consider holding sessions with subs who are no less than gentlemen with squeaky-clean manners.
Ava Zhang
Baroque Mansion of Bucharest
Fully equipped BDSM studio with in-house mistresses. Rooms for Humiliation, torture, medical examination, fetish gin, countess, dressing as well as a real jail for kidnap fetish.
Baroque Mansion
Domme Bella of Brighton and Gatwick
I am an experienced Professional Dominatrix and I enjoy my work immensely. I am a tall attractive blond with a sexy body. I stand over six feet tall in my leather outfits and stiletto heels. I cater for all genders, what I mean by all genders is Men, Women, Intersex, Transgendered, Third gendered. I cater for all sexualities including asexual.Submit to me and you will have an experience that you will remember for a long time.
Submit To Me
Goddess Bella Donna of Las Vegas
Experienced mature BBW Femdom / Findom Goddess Bella Donna specializes in financial domination, smoking fetish, ball busting, mesmerization, teamviewer wallet rape, foot, boot and shoe domination, action humiliation, anal training, sissy training, forced bi, forced fem and many more. Goddess only accepts sincere financial slaves and adoring cash pets. Author of Financial Domination without the smoke and mirrors and The Financial Domination Magazine. Approach with respect and an open wallet slaves.
Las Vegas Elite Pro-Dominatrix | Elite Financial Mistress | Mature BBW Mistress
Mistress Belle of Glasgow, Aberdeen, Vienna, Zagreb and Belfast
I am a skilled and experienced Dominatrix. I have my own discreet city centre premises which are only used by me. I am totally immersed in the fetish lifestyle and regularly visit clubs within the UK. I have been involved in the lifestyle for quite a few years and enjoy it very much. I am  a  Mistress who is sensual and sadistic in equal measures. I stay the same before, during and after the session. I'm not an actress and prefer real life play/sessions to scripted role play.
Mistress Belle | Mistress Sultry Belle
Mistress Blonde of Glasgow
Mature, elegant and sophisticated Dominatrix with many, many years of experience in BDSM and CP. Based in a very rural locale in Southern Scotland. Private and discreet Sessions for the novice and seasoned player alike. I cater to all tastes and fetishes and I am a very open minded and old style Dominatrix.
Pandemos Profile | Dom Blonde Dolly
Mistress Camilla of Amsterdam
Welcome to Mistress Camilla's world: the female embodiment of pleasure and pain, the essence of sexual fetish sensation. A natural born dominatrix with a genuine passion for control who stands ready to impose her will on you. Are you worthy to become one of her devoted slaves? The house of Camilla is a sophisticated realm of fantasies and extravagance.
Pandemos Profile | Mistress Camilla | @Facebook
Miss Catherine Gail of Leeds
My interests are many and varied,My style unique. Fetishism and Dominance for Me is an artform; and in My case, one driven by a creative and intelligent mind! Fetishes and Domination are My passion. If I enjoy your fetish then rest assured you shall too. As for those who crave the domination of an uncompromising Mistress then welcome to My world where cruelty and discipline is delivered with both inexorable finesse and love. My playspace is a fully equipped domestic arena;deceptively comfortable, subtle, practical, sophisticated. Just like Me!
Miss Catherine Gail
Jungdomina Chanel of Berlin
Natur veranlagte Sadistin, als Klinikassistentin steht sie Frau Doktor Jana steht´s zur Seite. Ihr können lässt dein Blut gefrieren, ihr Anblick wird dir den Atem rauben, auch Anfänger willkommen, trau dich und begib dich in ihre Hände.
@Lady Jana
Mistress Chaos of Wakefield
Mistress Chaos is a scene & lifestyle Dominatrix. Listen! Is that the click of my steel heels descending the steep stone steps or echoing on the cold dungeon floor? Is it you inside the cage waiting fearfully for the sound of my booted feet? Could it be you who, chained and helpless waits for the unknown to happen as your fascinated gaze scans the rows of torture implements that line the walls? The eery flickering glow from candlelit lanterns illuminates Mistress' beautiful face as she stares into your eyes and whispers. 'Welcome to MY world!'
ucifer's Daughter | Mistress Chaos | Darklove Hurts | Mistress of Tears | Lady Stiletto
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